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  • Relative Measure to itself

    Hi guys. This is the way how use Relative measurement for all DCC feaures. It will make a new partprogram and data from DCC features will pass to exactly same features but generic. Then it will attach that new partprogram with all copies of features to actual program and set relative measure to its copy. Generic feaures will have measured data from last measurement. Then each program run it will update all features measured data. If you often measure parts which have features really out of nominal, after this it will alwasy find deviated position of each feature.

    You need to run first script once. It will make and attach new program with all feaures and sets all relativity. When first script finish you need to save your program and open to properly attach RM partprogram. Then put second script at the end of your program for updating data each run.

    PS Dont forget to add Relative measure command a set it to legacy

    Rename extension to bas



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