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  • Refresh FCF using automation...

    Im doing some automated reconfiguring of true position FCFs. In a single case(so far) the values of the FCF has not been updated correctly after changing used axis and calling .execute. It has added the missing axis, but the reported deviation values are not correct. I tried toggling the Text field to trigger a refresh, it works if done manually in the edit window, but not if done by automation. Just opening the FCF with F9 and confirming causes it to refresh to correct values. Calling .Compute doesn’t work either.

    I detect when it happens now with a control calculation I set up recently so it’s not a huge issue, mostly annoying. I have a suspicion it may be related to the bug that sometimes causes FCFs with local references to report against a nominal reference rather than the measured.

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    What about .Execute or .Redraw?
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      ****... Turned out the problem was more exotic. It happens when the marker in the editwindow is before the local reference definition. Sooo... Any code to move the marker?


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        You can move the insertion point anywhere you like.
        To move to end:


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          Hello DJAMS !!!!

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          Hey kp61dude! ‐ good to see you're still poking around here. I only check in and read a few posts once in a blue moon these days. Don't like posting when I don't have time to follow up. Enjoy vpt's "new release" topics.

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          That was what I was planing to try.

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