Auto-Continue Execution Script on trace field box

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  • Auto-Continue Execution Script on trace field box


    Looking for some assistance with some scripting.

    I am looking to auto-continue a trace field box that I need displayed, for the purposes of reading the information in Datapage. I am checking multiple parts in the one program and all the trace fields are populated using variables that are filled in at the beginning of my program, see below.

    Annotation 2019-06-11 121406.jpg

    The user populates the input fields which then populates the variables. I use these variables to populate trace fields which are located within a loop.

    Annotation 2019-06-11 121638.jpg

    i have shrunk the program size just for the purposes of this example. the issue i have is the program then hangs up waiting on a "ok" keystroke.

    Annotation 2019-06-11 121825.jpg

    i need the tracefield to be displayed so that the information is transfered to Datapage, Datapage does not read it unless it displayed.

    Is there any way to auto-continue the execution of this so that the user does not need to hit ok as the information is already populated by the data that is entered at the beginning of the program.



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    Change DISPLAY to NO_DISPLAY on the trace field commands
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      I've tried that but the values I require don't transfer into Datapage if I do that.


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        Then you might have struck a bug...
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          think you may be right


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