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  • Remeasure toggle...

    Next question, anyone seen any way to identify if the remeasure toggle is on or off?

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    In the Edit Window, you can (if Show Feature Parameters is set to YES) check the RMEAS=(etc etc) section of code within a feature.
    Edit: the above is incorrect

    Are you trying to do this for every program, or just look at a specific feature and check?
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      I Think RMES is "relative measure", not the same as "re-measure"...
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        Sorry, was unclear. Doing it using Automation. Haven't found any mention of it in documentation, and a quick look with gettext provided nothing. But I'll let excel do a comparison and see if something pops out...


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          To find the answer you create a small part program with one circle with remeasure=NO, and one with remeasure=YES, export the program as BASIC.

          By comparing what PC-DMIS generated you will find that it is the toggle RMEAS_TYPE (I wonder what Relative Measure is called internally?)!

            ' Set Re-Measure  = NO
              retval = DmisCommand.SetToggleString (1, RMEAS_TYPE, 0)
            ' Set Re-Measure  = YES
              retval = DmisCommand.SetToggleString (2, RMEAS_TYPE, 0)

          I just had to test Relative Measure too…

            ' Set Relative Measure Feature X  = CIR1
              retval = DmisCommand.PutText ("CIR1", RMEASFEATIDX, 0)
            ' Set Relative Measure Feature Y  = CIR1
              retval = DmisCommand.PutText ("CIR1", RMEASFEATIDY, 0)
            ' Set Relative Measure Feature Z  = CIR1
              retval = DmisCommand.PutText ("CIR1", RMEASFEATIDZ, 0)
          SW support - Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB


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            Good call! Simpler than my approach.

            Odd naming indeed, no wonder I didn´t find it. I'll get back when I've tried it.


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              Worked! Thank you!


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