Reporting the Average of a Looped Dimension

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  • Reporting the Average of a Looped Dimension

    I am a Level 1 programmer trying to do Level 3 programming. I am writing a program to prove the repeatability of the ROMER calibration bar. I have the Loop completed with the dimension for the long length and the short length and it seems to work fine. I am trying to report the average of all 30 dimensions using this programming that I wrote. I couldn't write all 30 in one line for one variable, so I did 10 dimensions for three different variables. My other question, is there a way to shorten this up to one variable.

    ASSIGN/V2=ARRAY(DIM1[1].MEAS, DIM1[2].MEAS, DIM1[3].MEAS,...............)
    ASSIGN/V3=ARRAY(DIM1[11].MEAS, DIM1[12].MEAS, DIM1[13].MEAS,.........)
    ASSIGN/V4=ARRAY(DIM1[21].MEAS, DIM1[22].MEAS, DIM1[23].MEAS,..........)

    I'm not sure how to get it to report, so I don't know if it is actually working correctly. I just need to prove the average of the 30 dimensions are within the spec.
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    I would try, inside the loop (if V1 is the loop variable !)
    Then after the end of the loop


    • Grover
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      How do you get it to report the variable "V3"?

    • InspectorJester
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      I'm guessing what this does is add up all of the data in the array and divide it by the number of elements in the array? (in this case 30)
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    Insert a comment/report/ "Average dim is : "+V3
    or create a generic feature whose length is V3, and dimension it.


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      Originally posted by JEFMAN View Post
      I would try, inside the loop (if V1 is the loop variable !)
      Then after the end of the loop
      May or may not need to subtract 1 from the LEN() could just be ASSIGN/V3=SUM(V2)/LEN(V2). That way you don't have to stick to 30 loops, it could be 1 to ∞.
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