pcdlrn.tlb Excel problem

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  • CloudHunter
    I have found my slight mistake!

    the variable was labeled wrong!

    thank you!

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  • Jan d.
    I have no real idea what may be wrong. It seems functional to me.

    Have you tried to simplify your program? Were you able to get any results into the Script? Maybe first try to write them to a simple text file?

    In other words, does dimen.Measured return anything????

    I guess I would chop up the program to the smallest piece where you know that the result that comes back is correct. then expand until it all works again.

    My 2 cents, Jan.

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  • CloudHunter
    started a topic pcdlrn.tlb Excel problem

    pcdlrn.tlb Excel problem


    It's the first time for me in this Forum.
    I hope you can help me.

    I try to read out data from PCDMIS but i get no data.

    thats the code

        'Konstante Deklarieren
        Const intColumDimName As Integer = 1        'Spalte 1 (A) für Messpunktname
        Const intColumDimMeasured As Integer = 2    'Spalte 2 (B) für Messwerte
        Dim strAchse As String                      ' Variable für Achsbezeichnung
    Sub Daten_auslesen()
        Call fkt_DatenfelderLesen
        'Dateiname Festlegen & Speichern
            Dim strDateiName As String                  'Dateiname
            Dim strDateiPfad As String                  'Dateipfad
        'strDateiName = Format(Date(), "ddmmyy") &  "_ABF_" & cbo_Karitaet.value
        'strDateiPfad = "d:\Messwerte\Audit\DC\"
        'ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=strDateiPfad & strDateiName
    End Sub
    Private Sub fkt_DatenfelderLesen()
        'Variablen aus Messprogramm
            Dim app As PCDLRN.Application
            Dim pp As PCDLRN.PartProgram
            Dim cmd As PCDLRN.Command
            Dim cmds As PCDLRN.Commands
            Dim dimen As PCDLRN.DimensionCmd
            Dim I As Integer                            'Algemeine Variable für Zeile
            Dim strID As String
            Dim strAktBlattName As String               'String für Blattname
            Dim AktBlatt As Worksheet                   ' Selbsterklärend
        'Variablen füllen
            Set app = CreateObject("PCDLRN.Application")    'Setzt Messprogramm als Quelle für PCDLRN Variablen
            Set pp = app.ActivePartProgram                  'Setzt Aktive Instanz vom Messprogramm als Quelle
            Set cmds = pp.Commands                          ' Commands ist die Variable aus Messprogramm
        'Blatt erstellen und wählen
            Set AktBlatt = Worksheets(1)                    'Blatt Aktivieren
            strAktBlattName = "Werte aus Messung"           'Blattname vergeben
            AktBlatt.Name = strAktBlattName                 'Selbsterklärend ;-)
        'Formatierung Aufrufen
        ' Messpunktname schreiben
            I = 4
            For Each cmd In cmds
                If cmd.IsDimension Then
                    If strID <> cmd.ID Then
                        Set dimen = cmd.DimensionCommand
                            ActiveSheet.Cells(I + 1, intColumDimName).Select
                            ActiveSheet.Cells(I + 1, intColumDimName).Activate
                            ActiveSheet.Cells(I + 1, intColumDimName) = cmdID + " = " + cmd.TypeDescription + " von " + dimen.feat1
                            I = I + 1
                    End If
                    strID = cmd.ID
                    strAchse = ""
                    Select Case cmd.Type
                            Set dimen = cmd.DimensionCommand
                                ActiveSheet.Cells(I + 1, intColumMeasured) = dimen.Measured
                            I = I + 1
                    Case Else
                        Set dimen = cmd.DimensionCommand
                        ActiveSheet.Cells(I + 1, intColumMeasured) = dimen.Measured
                        I = I + 1
                    End Select
                End If
            Next cmd
    End Sub
    Private Sub fkt_Formatierung()
        'kopfdaten füllen
            ActiveSheet.Cells(1, intColumDimName) = "Datum"
            ActiveSheet.Cells(1, intColumMeasured) = Format(Date, "dd.mm.yyyy")
            ActiveSheet.Cells(2, intColumDimName) = "Uhrzeit"
            ActiveSheet.Cells(2, intColumMeasured) = "'" & Format(Time, "hh:mm:ss")
            ActiveSheet.Cells(4, intColumDimName) = "ABM-Name"
            ActiveSheet.Cells(4, intColumMeasured) = "Messwert"
        'Rahmen zeichnen
                With Selection.Borders(xlEdgeBottom)
                    .LineStyle = xlContinuous
                    .Weight = xlThin
                    .ColorIndex = xlAutomatic
                End With
                ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = True
                Selection.NumberFormat = "0.000"        ' Format für Zahlen = 3 Nachkommastellen
                With Selection
                    .HorizontalAlignment = xlCenter     ' Datum und Uhrzeit zentriert
                End With
            Range("a1: a1").Select
    End Sub

    thank you!!!!

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