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  • New software - any interest?

    Are you interested in this?

    I've had an IT expert write some software for me, which communicates with PC-DMIS.

    It has helped me automate much of the work done by PC-DMIS users. It allows product and process experts explain visually what needs to be measured, captures the X,Y,Z,I,J,K components of the specified feature, performs any calculations needed on a series of measurements and allows for storage to a server. Analysis of stored data on the server is available also.

    It has helped the organisation I was based in, but what I don't know is whether its of interest to anyone else?

    I don't want to launch marketing etc., just to know whether it could be of value to you.


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    Sure would love to check it out


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      What exactly drove you to make this software?

      All of the things that you stated above are already things that PC DMIS does.


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        Good question DAN_M.
        The large machinery in our production facility only has old 2D paper drawings. I wanted to visually explain what needed to be measured.

        When the production machinery is stopped, any time saving, particularly custom calculations were helpful.

        We also had 10-12 people using the equipment (tacheometers) with PC-DMIS, and wanted to be sure that they were all working to the same standard.
        With this number of users, it was easier to store the final measurements to a central server than open up individual files stored on Laptops. The information was of use to other people in the organisation - Quality, Engineering Management etc. not just the PC-DMIS users.

        I'm working on a video to explain how it works, but for now I've recorded a demonstration of its use - I'm not great at marketing...


        are the links you need to view.