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  • Installing A New Version Of Pcdmis

    Well, I would post this in the TIPS & DESCRIPTIONS section, but there isn't one (yet?). I have put this here in the CODE section since it will not 'disappear' from the list as fast as in the Pcdmis section.


    There are several GREAT ideas for installing a new upgrade on your computer:

    First and most important, BACK-UP EVERY PROGRAM and every PROBE FILE. This should be getting done ALREADY at a minimum of once a week, I do it once a day as well as the IT dept. doing it once a day. This can not be said enough. A LOT OF headaches can be avoided if proper backups are made, so.....

    3) Make a copy of the current, working directory and give it a name that relates to the version you will be installing, (PcdV3700MR3 or PcdV40 or whatever).
    4) Install the NEW version into the 'new' directory (the copy)


    PATH ISSUES: Pcdmis PRE V3.5 versions used an INI file in the windoze directory to set the path names, V3.5 and up uses the windoze registry to store the path names. SO, unless your current working version is PRE V3.5 and the new install is POST V3.5, your path names will be the same for BOTH versions (old and new). THIS CAN cause you a great deal of problems, if you are not careful and don’t pay attention to what you are doing.

    5) Make a copy of your probe file directory (You do use a different directory to store all your probes, right?) and name it to match the NEW INSTALL version (ProbeV37mr3, ProbeV40, etc.). This will allow you to 'update' the probe files to the new version, but still keep a 'native' probe file for the old version.

    6) Make a copy of your program directory (You do use a 'programs only' directory for all your programs, right?) and also name it to match the new version (ProgramsV35MR3 or ProgramsV37MR1 or ProgramsV41, etc.)

    Once you have the new version of Pcdmis installed, PLEASE REMEMBER that it will use the same search path that the older version uses, it will be UP TO YOU to make sure you don’t mess it up (yet another reason for daily backups!). What you can do (and what I do) is open the new version and change the paths to the PROGRAM and PROBE directories you have set up for the new version, then open them and save them. This will do 2 things, it will change the program to the new version and it will change the probe file to the new version. As long as you set the search paths to the correct paths for the new version, ONLY the new version programs and probes will be updated. At this point, you will have an ‘early warning system’ in place for opening a program with the wrong version. First, the older version will NOT open the programs that have been saved in the new version AND if you change the search path BACK TO the old version locations, you will be prompted when you open those programs with the new version if you want to update the probe. IF this warning comes up, QUIT, do NOT close, and either open the correct version of Pcdmis or the correct program version.

    Other than the path issue (which even I have messed up once or twice) this will allow you to have multiple versions of Pcdmis installed AND WORKING on your computer. There have been MANY instances of compatibility issues with migrating programs UP versions as well as DOWN (save-back as) versions. I always run the programs in the ‘native’ version they were created in, never in a migrated-to version. This may NOT be the best option for a lot of you, BUT, if you keep the old version on the computer as well as old version (original) programs, you can always GO BACK to something that worked before.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.

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    Install a new version, or just backing up

    Hi Matthew

    One thing you forgot. Start settings editor up (programs>pcdmis for windows > settings editor).

    Make an export in there to server or what you have access to.

    Further more. In the pcdmis library (c:\pcdmisw for up to 3.7, or else program files> wai > (pcdmis version what so ever).

    Make a copy of tool.dat, and toolc.dat (reference sphere, and if you have toolchanger toolc.dat covers that.



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