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  • probe trigger force.

    I'm using a MIP probe head and was wondering if longer tips or those with extensions require a higher trigger force? If so, is there a chart available that indicates normal trigger forces for various length tips.


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    The simple answer to your question is the trigger force should not to be adjusted unless you are experiencing a great many false hits due to length/weight. If you are having lots of air triggers, there may be a better way to solve the problem than adjusting trigger force. If you are not using carbon fiber or ceramic extensions, you should, they help alot. Also be aware that there are limits to what the probe can handle. You can probably safely exceed the manufacturers guidelines by some, but if you do, you need to satisfy yourself that the probe is still performing accurately and repeatably enough to meet your needs. Running a probe with more weight than the manufacturer recommends will probably shorten the life of the probe.

    I have not used the MIP. The only probe I have adjusted trigger force on is the TP2, although I have used standard and extended force TP20 modules, but they are not adjustable.

    The only reason I have ever changed the trigger force was to increase it to permit me to run longer/heavier tips while minimizing false hits, (air triggers).

    The only other reason I have seen posted on the forums that anyone would adjust trigger force is decrease it to reduce/eliminate the deformation of thin wall material.

    Without checking, I am reasonable sure you can find a pdf of the manual for the probe at Renishaw's website, and trigger force should be covered.

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      thanks for the help


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