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    I need to make a nom file from solid.I imported IGS file to PC-DMIS and don't know how to get the xyzijk ( nom file ) . As far I know This file Is use to make a airfoil scaning program and later for analise .


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    What version software are you using ?
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      Offline scanning, generic export is the easiest way in PC-DMIS. You could use a CAD package too if you're good at one in particular.

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        you can export general file from pc dmis. and open this TXT file with EXCEL of OFFICE.
        in EXCEL, you can edit these data from TXT of PC-DMIS.
        Just then, you can copy data of each section and paste them on the generate nomal of blade.
        you can try!!!!


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          I've only written 1 Blade/PCDMIS program, so please this take info with a grain of salt Start off slow. Do a trial run using 1 point. If this works, do some section scans (or linear open/closed scans) to get multiple point data.

          According to my notes from Blade class:

          1) Take 1 auto vector point, to get the nominal xyzijk into the PCDMIS edit window.
          2) Select correct alignment and feature(s).
          3) File... export... generic. This creates an xyzijk text file.
          4) Using Bladerunner, go to programming... convert text file. This will convert the text file into a Blade Nom file.

          Not to say you can't use other softwares such as Excel, but you can do everything you need right in PCDMIS and Blade.
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