Blade points look out of place

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  • Blade points look out of place

    Does anyone have any ideas on why the lead edge shape of this blade looks the way it does. I uploaded a screen shot of the overlapping scans that were used for this section. I don't see any points that look out of place. We're trying to figure out why we are getting that strange shape from these scans. We scan three other sections on this blade and they look fine.blade1.JPG

    Thanks all...

    pc-dmis 2019-r1
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    PCDMIS 2019 R1
    GLOBAL 5x5

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    Marken did you ever get an answer for your problem? Was that noise on the end from too much scan acceleration around the radius? I am scanning L/E and T/E sections now and I'm having issues with pulling chords out. I tried using the gage calipers but they don't repeat. Any advice ?


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      Hi All,
      Measuring turbine blades/airfoil are one of the most challenging and fun tasks...
      In general, the collection point processes are critical + software to compensate for probe radii, then analysis,... You need the best CMM you can get to reduce a lot of errors from uncertainty in measurements then software.
      Slowing down around the edges should help..., also pre-define the edges location before scanning...
      Good luck!


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