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  • Using PCD Blade

    Good morning! I know that this section of the forum doesn't get used as much so I wanted to let anyone who is interested in this portion know that if you have questions, hit me up!

    I started training myself on PC DMIS about a year ago due to a position change. It was hard, easy, all kinds of emotions. Lol, but with this forum and other resources, I've come a long way. As a newbie, I would always want to get more info on Blade. Especially being in the Steam Turbine Industry. This tool is great. I've started digging into some of the example programs to teach myself. It's not bad! Obviously still much to learn but I'd like to get this portion of the forum going if possible. Open to any tips, tricks, or convo's.

    Just sharing my experience. Thanks in advance everyone!

    PC-DMIS 2010 MR3
    B&S Global Advantage 7-10-7
    TesaStar - SP25
    Houston, TX

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    It's a nightmare!
    Bristol Citysigpic
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      BLADE is better than LK's (Nikon) DGRAF.


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        Thanks for this interesting information.


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          Ease of use: Off-the-shelf applications serve large audiences with fundamentally similar needs. For example, Microsoft Word is an enormously popular word processing application with features, functionality and customization options that organizations of all sizes and scopes can use


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