Scanning a curved surface feature

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  • Scanning a curved surface feature


    I am still relatively new to this. I am currently wanting to inspect an injection mould with a curved surface. what sort of techniques should be used? Would taking multiple points along the split line of the mould suffice? Or would scanning be a better option? If so, what sort of technique would be best to approach this? The CAD model that I recieved was created with different splines and planes and so I cannot inspect the split line as one while body

    I am fairly new to this, but would like to learn more.

    Thank you very much
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    I think scanning would be best, but I don't know how to do that so I will tell you the method I use.

    Put a whole bunch of individual points on the area that needs to be measured. Then put all of the points you have taken into a construction feature set. Make sure you’re using correct alignment and workplace or it can get screwy. Then you can use that for a surface profile (or whatever you are measuring for) and relate it to the datums.

    Or a simpler way (not as clean) is just relate all the points you have taken to the datums.


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      import both models and clip plane so you can see both sides and you should be able to scan this as 1 piece. This should work. Or have the engineer put them together for you and then import that model. good luck with the engineer.
      It will stick if you throw it hard enough.


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