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  • Chord angle Flavor settings

    I am learning to use Blade 5.0.79. I have ran into a road block that I cannot figure out. Yesterday I was able to make offsets to my CHDANG in the flavor file and the results were close to what we were looking for. Example section A-A was -2.963 with my multiplier at 1.0 and my offset at -180.314. Today tried tweaking the offsets as I was asked and my A-A section is now 180.581. I have tried everything. I have even created a new flavor file. I am out of ideas. If anyone has an idea what I could do you will be saving me from pulling my hair out.

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    I went back to my old flavor file and low and behold it decided to start giving me the correct results. The issue is still there with the file I created to replace the old one. I can say this has been an interesting journey with this software. But at least I still have my hair.


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      I don't know anything about Blade, but do note that an angle of 180.581 is the same as -179.419, which is less than a degree from -180.314
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