Blade 5.0 Showing In Task Manager but not on screen

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  • Blade 5.0 Showing In Task Manager but not on screen

    As of this morning Blade 5.0 will not open correctly. Looking in Task Manager I can see the "Blade.exe *32" process running but its not on screen and there is nothing on the task bar, nor anything in the applications menu of Task Manager.

    I can pin the icon to the task bar, click on it, UAC pops up, saying yes will cause the mouse to spin and act like it is loading something but then it stops with nothing to show for it and the icon on the taskbar that is pinned will flare up as if there is something running and then go back to its original appearance.

    This was working all of 36 hours or so ago and now coming in this morning it will not. Here are some of the following troubleshooting steps that have been performed by local IT:

    1. Reinstall 5.0 Release
    2. Tested 4.0 Release, works fine
    3. Cleared registry of keys for Blade 4 and 5. May have missed some so this could still fix it if they were missed
    4. Restart whole laptop
    5. Cleared all files off of C:\ regarding Blade 4 and 5

    At this point we are kind of at a loss. Short of reinstalling the OS clean we are out of ideas to try and are hoping someone has encountered this before and has a fix.


    HP ZBook 15 G3
    OS: Windows 7 Enterprise (64-bit)
    CPU: i7-6820HQ
    RAM: 16GB

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    I know it's been a while, but might your HASP have been dislodged?

    Did you get it sorted? If so what was the solution? I use Blade/Bladerunner daily, and run into all sorts of odd stuff, and can rarely, but occasionally find answers here.

    Which 5.0 are you using? I have most CMM's running, but was recently given Seems doubtful that it's 'version related' if it was working though... it may be a permissions issue or Antivirus/Antimalware related issue, I have come across both a few times.


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