Section Scan and Blade Runner Issue

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  • Section Scan and Blade Runner Issue

    Hello Out there,

    We are working to create a Section Scan in PC-DMIS and send to Blade Runner.

    We have:

    A Global 9159 with CAD++, SP600 and of course Blade Runner
    A Gas Turbine Blade standing up on the machine in Z
    A good Alignment that measures the Root successfully
    We go Section Scan, then go to section location and set Z Axis, pick start, direction and end points off of the CAD
    Then we cut CAD, Path Definition tab, hit generate, the hit create, then close
    The go to file, export, the we save as an .xyz file, then close PC-DMIS
    Open Blade Runner, then Right click, convert text file, select the .xyz file we created, then answer these questions:
    Convert to nom file=yes
    letter Q used =no
    Starting section=1
    Reset Nose to pt 1=no
    Leading edge offset=.110 (from print)
    Trailing edge=.110 (from print)
    Full sort section= no
    Simple sort section=no
    Convert to metric=no
    Finish conversion.

    The change name of converted file to nom file
    The we execute to program.

    The program executes the DCC alignment fine, the probe moves to near our start point and scans in the right direction but does not touch the part. It looks like the probe is in the correct Z Axis location, and it looks like it stats in the right machine Y axis location but in the machine X axis the probe does not touch the part.

    We cannot figure out why and are reaching out for help.

    If you have any advice please help.

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    Almost nothing that you write about here has anything to do with how the part will be measured on the machine. The .nom file is only used for post processing of measured data in Blade. It has nothing to do with how the scan will execute in PC-DMIS.

    The problem is in the PCDMIS side of things, not in the work done in Bladerunner.

    Can you post the code from this section of your program and include a screen shot of the section scan dialog showing all of your settings?

    Do you have a SMA with Hexagon? This would be an excellent thing to work through with them via web ex. There are a lot of things that could be set wrong and it will be challenging to troubleshoot via this forum.
    2013MR1 SP6
    Global Frames, Tesastar-M Heads, LSP-X1M/H Probes


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