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  • Blade license question

    Can Blade be setup on a network to take in data from 2 different machines ? It other words, is there a way to just purchase one seat, but send the data to Blade from 2 different machines ?
    Jim Jewell

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    Yes. Blade is a completely separate license and has no direct interface with the CMM. All you have to do is tell the Bladerunner interface where it is located and it will run it from there. So you can easily have one license for many machines. The only problem is that if you use the Bladerunner interface there is no "queing". As soon as the data acquisition is complete on the CMM it will attempt to call the Blade executable. If Blade is already busy processing a previous data set it either won't launch or it will jump in on top of the current process and screw everything up. If you know your way around a scripting language you can easily get around this by writing your own code to generate the .RPT file from the measured results and call the Blade executable.
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