Has anyone here forgone Bladerunner?

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  • Has anyone here forgone Bladerunner?

    With PC-DMIS 2014 (Maybe earlier).

    We have noticed that PCDMIS has a module itself for launching straight into blade after execution, has anyone used there own interface over Bladerunner.

    Can anyone give me some thoughts which I may miss when using our own bespoke interface which works fine "currently" when blade isn't being called up through blade runner.

    No problems just something we are looking at doing, thanks

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    There is no particular reason that you need to use Bladerunner. It has some functions that make running Blade easy but they are by no means required. All that is actually required is that you have all of them correct definition files available (Nom, Tol, Flv) and that you generate a correctly formatted .Rpt file with your results. If you want to write some functions to generate the .Rpt then no reason that you need to use Bladerunner.

    Not sure what you area referring to about a module for launching Blade. All that you need to do to launch Blade is open a .Rpt file. This can be done very easily with a simple .Bat file.
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    2013MR1 SP6
    Global Frames, Tesastar-M Heads, LSP-X1M/H Probes


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      Yeah I guess launching via a bat would work fine also.
      I have a module called Blade Report in CAD++. Seems like it will run blade and do some things to the .rpt.
      Going to need to play with it.



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        Oh yeah, I forgot they put that in there. New feature. It generates the .RPT and then opens it, thereby launching Blade. Yeah, now that this is available there really is no specific need for Bladerunner. It does generate the Blade.txt file, which is used in some parametric programming strategies, but perhaps you don't need that anymore either if you use the new Blade scan command.

        They really are trying to roll a lot of the Blade stuff into PCDMIS now do you don't need all of the different pieces of software.
        2013MR1 SP6
        Global Frames, Tesastar-M Heads, LSP-X1M/H Probes


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