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  • Blade cannot find probe radius

    After a program is finished running through Bladerunner, a screen pops up saying Blade could not find the probe radius used for compensation. However, the correct radius appears in the text box just in English instead of Metric like it should be. Once I convert it to Metric and hit enter it works fine. Unfortunately, this happens for every measurement taken using that program. Does anyone know if this is a PC-Dmis or Blade problem, and how do I fix it?


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    You cannot fix it. This is a bug that we also deal with.
    Luckly for me I only measure our metric blades not too often.
    we have to measure the blade, then go into the .rpt file and had edit the PRAD.
    Then reprocess the data, reprint the data, click save calculations to update the csv,cmm files and update the database, then re-copy the new results to our stats package. I think Brian G. started to work on this but I still see the problem happening even after his suggestions to edit the Brun.ini file to show TIP1.


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      This error occurs when Bladerunner cannot extract the probe radius from your PCDMIS blade scanning program.
      My quick fix is to open the PCDMIS blade scanning program, replace the probe file with any other probe file, save and close the program, open it again, reload the original probe file, then save and close again.
      Run your blade again in Bladerunner and you will be all set.

      Once you do this, I recommend saving a clean working copy of your scanning program in a backup folder on the CMM computer. When (not if) this error happens again, just take a copy of the clean scanning program and overwrite the one that is causing the error.



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        We recently fixed this problem by creating and calibrating a new probe file, editing the program to use it, and simply deleting the old probe file.
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        It's all pattern recognition.


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          Software Version


          What version/release is your software?


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            More to add onto this fine topic:

            Today, this problem re-occured for about a dozen part runs... then disappeared on it's own. I was switching between different blades, perhaps that helps reset whatever trail of electrons the radius information has to travel between the softwares.
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            It's all pattern recognition.


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