Merging old&new: ascii to PCDMIS to Blade

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  • Merging old&new: ascii to PCDMIS to Blade

    Merging old&new: ascii to PCDMIS to Blade

    We have 8 B&S CMMs using PCDMIS (3.7 & 4.0) Plus two 25yr old CMMS (Not B&S) We have about 4,000 programs on the old machines, so we're fazing them out slowly.

    What I ultimately would like to do is run Blade on data from the old CMMs.

    My ideas were something like this . . .

    1). Old CMMs can output data in ascii format. We have a translator that puts the actuals into an XYZ formated ascii file.

    Perhaps I can input this XYZ data into Blade from the ascii file in some way. ???

    OR . . .

    2). Fool PCDMIS into thinking it ran the part!?! OFFLINE: If I could import that ascii XYZ data as Nominals into a PCDMIS program, then run the program, being offline, there would be zero deviation. Therefore the actuals would be the actuals from the old machine.

    THEN I could use Blade.

    Comments welcome, and much appreciated.

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    I have been away a while, sorry for not answering sooner. Blade is very good at taking in ascii files and converting to nominal files. It is very likely that your files would come in with no editing whatsoever.

    If your old system is fairly consistent, you could look at a pretty quick transfer of old programs to new ones. The Blade packages first customers had antique systems that we brought over in one shot. 1500 blades one day in old system, next day in the new.

    Let me know if I can help you more.

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