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    I am trying to find out more information on blade and blade Runner. What are the difference and what are the right questions to ask to see which one is the right one me.

    What are some good site to visit.


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    Blade and BladeRunner are 2 parts to the same application. Now, I'm gonna butcher this a little, but Blade is where you program certain files that BladeRunner uses to run the airfoil inspection procedure. BladeRunner also controls some parameters, but I think they are more of the output/report parameters.

    There are 5 Blade files, an alignment file, and a PCDMIS program (to control the actual movement and touches of the cmm). BladeRunner uses all of these to execute the inspection.

    ABSOLUTELY contact HEXAGON for Blade/BladeRunner training. Not only do they train you how to do it, they will supply you with all the proper EXTRAS you will NEED. In my opinion, it is impossible to run without Hexagon's help/input. I know of no one else that can supply the knowledge, training, and the extras required.
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