Pallet feature with 8 parts lined up in Y axis. X seems to drift for each part.

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  • Pallet feature with 8 parts lined up in Y axis. X seems to drift for each part.

    Has anyone mastered the Pallet feature yet?. I have been running it now for a couple of weeks and I started running into subtle issues.
    1st the 1st part (manual) and then DCC to find part works great on 1st part. However, when it gets to say the 5th part. The X has shifted slightly and the 1st point (z) is almost off the part..
    Settings inside the pallet have XY set, I even tried the ZY setting for axis. I just do not understand how it can almost shift .08in. Below are the photos.
    1 is the 1st hit on part 1. The 2nd is the 1st hit on part 5. I have made sure my fixture is square in both X and Y. The table fixture is square X,Y.
    I have also been playing with the alignments. Active alignment,etc...getting frustrated. I was told....write the program as one part....put in the offset and run. find 1st part and how many, no problem....Yep.
    I would like to try the corner of the plate for external alignment and recall that but, no verse in using external alignments.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.....
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    I just got the pallet option today. I haven't had time to sit down and play with it. However, I've made multiple looping programs. This sounds like its taking your part alignment and moving in X,Y accordingly. Which if your part is off any will affect the rest of your parts. Lets say you leveled to the top plane in Z and this is slightly off "not parallel to the granite" the further away you shift the closer or further away from the granite you would be. I would only use just the X, Y, Z location of the first part and use that to translate. Leave out rotation and leveling.


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      HHMMM.Interesting. I am going to have to try that one. I'll let you know of my results.


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        Jakep379....Yo 'Da Man!!!.
        Here's a note for everyone on pallet.
        DO NOT TRANSLATE ROTATION until you are on your final DCC of the part.
        The only translation done was Z-level and Z zero.
        If doing the "Use part zero" setting. It is important that there be no rotation. Just XYZ in manual and what I call "Find part" dcc.
        I have been fighting this and it was as simple as that!.
        Many Thanks!!!!!


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