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  • Loading Inspect for New Users

    For security purposes, every user who uses our any of computers or can view our network has to have a log in. When trying to use the inspect program, it takes the computer about 30+ minutes to upload any of the programs that have been created. Is there any way that the computer could search and locate these files faster so I can set floor guys up so they can run the CMM?

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    Is it loading a specific program that takes so much time? Are the programs that large, or is the computer/network that slow? Sounds like something is wrong in your network, or computer, if so.

    Or do you mean when Inspect is loading the folder, displaying all the program names on the screen? In that case you have much too many files in the program folder. Create subdirectories, and organize the programs, to make it faster.
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      OK I will try the sub-directories. It may be that its trying to load all the programs that are available to be opened....

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