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  • Automation

    Is Inspect ever going to support automation?

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    There is something already out there I think. CMM Supervisor.
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      Why would you need automation of Inspect? All it does is automate PC-DMIS (with some bells and whistles, admittedly…)
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        @Andersl It was more of a curiosity than anything. I am interested in learning more about how they interface with Calypso through their Add-Ons. Since release there has been a bug where it crashes when attempting to run any Calypso routine. I have an open support ticket that is dragging along. Calypso seems near impossible to automate without additional licenses (surprised?). Hexagon told me that they don't have Calypso to verify whether it works or not. It seemed strange that they would offer it...


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          I see this as an evolution of humans.
          Humans have now began looking for automating anything and everything.


          • JacobCheverie
            JacobCheverie commented
            Editing a comment
            My desire to "automate" was really an attempt to access some form of API, strictly to see how Inspect communicates with Calypso

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          Automation is not something Inspect is really targeted towards, as there are other Hexagon products such as I/O Flow Manager which are more for this space.

          That said, there is some overlap in capabilities - things like barcode scanning and supporting Pallets are common to both.


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