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    Is it possible with Inspect to have multiple keywords/Barcode to the same program?
    we have until now worked with PC DMIS version 3.5 where we have used Marked Set views, but we have just upgraded our machines software so we now use version 2018R1 and maybe Inspect launcher can be a solution for us in the future.
    The way we have done it before is creating a shortcut to each program and then just read the barcode from Operator mode, the barcode no. is of cause the name of my shortcuts.

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    Not sure I fully understand what you're trying to do. I can say that Inspect 3.2 will support shortcuts to routines, which sounds like it is what you need.
    In addition, playlists can be created - with a routine able to exist in any number of playlists...and playlists can be started by bar code.


    • kasper
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      The reason for me to have multiple keywords to the same program is that we have a lot of color variants of the parts.
      But the geometry for the part is the same so therefor all color variants barcode that come with the part should just call the main program.
      I have just installed Inspect version 3.2 so i would try to have a look at Routines and playlists. But there is many new things for me since version 3.5 that i came from in less than a week ;o)

      I can see that you mention shortcuts, but is this normal windows shortcuts (*.lnk files ) and is it a shortcut to a normal *.prg program or to a mini routine? I have already install the folder explorer as an add-on in Inspect, but i can not see any lnk files through inspect.
      Yesterday I open all my program files make a small change a saved them again, so all files should be saved in a 2018R1 version.
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    OK, that makes more sense (the part colors).
    Yes, standard windows shortcuts (.lnk), which can link to a .prg.
    Did you add the folder your shortcuts are contained in to the folder explorer setup? On Settings, in the Folder Explorer section, you can add folders that it will look in. Double check that is set for where your shortcuts are located.

    Mini-routines are not supported yet in Inspect, but it's on the list for a version down the line. This could be expedited if it gets sufficient interest/votes on the idea Center.


    • kasper
      kasper commented
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      Hi again... thanks for feedback. but i am not able to see .lnk files within inspect 3.2
      maybe there is an update to it, so I will check that. I can see json, xml, cad & prg files but not the lnk file.

      and yes I add the folder where my program and shortcuts are located, on the file extending I have tried different things (*.lnk, *.*, *.prg) but whatever i write I am not able to see the shortcut files.

      I will try to mention the mini routines in the idea center. Today we have used mark set view, where we mark different set of codes on the different icons in the mark set view.

      Thanks for your help

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    Just for info, i have Inspect version 3.2.1274 I guess this is the newest version!

    I have just tried version 3.1 and there i can see the lnk files, but not in version 3.2
    both version is pointing to the same folder structure
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      We're looking into the shortcut issue, will report back ASAP


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