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    Hi SABarber

    I have been away for a while think I last posted this question on the old pcdmis.com site two years ago.
    The IT administrators have just updated the servers/network which have somehow changed settings. Anyway i am in australia and using datapage rt and editor and i need the enviromental variable to set the local time right when viewing transactions

    was something like "AUT-10" just can't remember the rest

    at home at the moment not to sure on version version 3.32 I think

    regards davidb

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    Enter the way-back machine:
    1) To set the Environmental variable, Right Click on MyComputer, Select Properties. Then select the Advanced tab, then the Environmental Variables button. I would put the TZ under the System variables. Select New. The variable name is TZ, the value is AUT-10. Press OK, OK, OK. You must reboot in order for this to be applied.
    2) After rebooting, select Start, Run, type CMD - which should get you to the DOS command prompt. Type SET, press Enter to see the list of current environmental variables set. Make sure TZ is in the list & is correct. Type exit, press Enter to close this window.
    3) DPUpdate is installed with PCDMIS. 3.5MR2 should be 32 bits. To make sure use the explorer to go the the pcdmis directory, right click on DPUPDATE.EXE, select Properties. You should have the Version Tab. The 16 bit version did not have a version.
    4) The latest version of DPUPDATE is found on the ftp site: ftp://ftp.wilcoxassoc.com/DPUpdate/


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      more info

      thanks for the quick reply.

      i tried adding the variable but it didn't work correctly. Not sure if i need it as i noticed that they have upgraded from 3.5mr2 whilst i was away and there seems to be the same settings added under a different variable name.

      Current system variables

      *DMIS Time Zone SET TZ=AUT-10

      tried adding

      *TZ SET TZ=AUT-10

      anyway here are the machines current software specs (PC wasn't changed just new profile created?)


      datapage rt v3.32
      DP Editor v3.251

      pcdmis cad ++ v4.1
      dpupdate v3.25.9.0


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        The editor needs it since it is a 16bit app - the others should not. This means the editor will display the wrong transaction date if this is not set correctly since it defaults to Pacific Time (where MS lives).
        Not sure what the "*TZ SET TZ=AUT-10" means.
        Did you perform set 1 (add variable to environmental settings)?
        TZ should be displayed under Variable, AUT-10 should be defined as value when displayed in the Environment Variables dialog.


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          Set variables as you said and new times are updating OK

          is there a fix in the new version of datapage as we have stopped maintianence?

          this is only an issue if we update any of our gear. If i'm not around we will have a problem again.

          anyway it's seem to be working for now THANKS AGAIN



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