Data Page 5.2 CAD Report (Dimension Variable Order)

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  • Data Page 5.2 CAD Report (Dimension Variable Order)

    I am generating a CAD report in the software. Is it possible to manipulate the order of the dimension variables in Data Page? The order that the dimensions are in when imported into Data Page from PC Dmis are not the order I want the dimensions to be in when I generate the CAD report in Data Page. This is because I want the dimensions to be in a geographical order so that the CAD report is logical. Otherwise the dimension locations are jumping around to different areas of the part. I tried to create a "Variable Set" and was hoping I could put all of the dimensions in desired order. This did not work as when I recalled the variable set and generated the report the labels were not located in the order of my created variable set. I know that I could achieve this by rearranging my dimension order in PC Dmis but this that would require a great deal of work. Thank you!

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    There's only so far you can go with forcing label positions in DataPage. The variable sets should be in the order you've created, but each page is going to arrange the labels, X at a time (depending on how many you pick to put on a page), and in the way that you choose in the options. But, after that, DataPage puts things sort of near where it shows on the graphic (again, depending on what distribution option you've chosen). Beyond that, you would have to rearrange each label that you don't like, on each page. But, then you can save that template. Just, if you change anything, like decide you want to change the order, then you'll have to do it all over again...
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      Thank you for the response. It is cumbersome for sure. For whatever reason the variable sets are now in the order that I created which helps.


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