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  • Datapage 5.2 CAD Report

    Is it possible to save a CAD report template that will recall CAD model position and label position? For example I executed a CAD report. I then arranged all of the labels for each page as desired and on multiple pages I had to rotate the CAD model to show the desired surfaces for that specific page of report. I then selected "Save To Database" and named the template. To test I then executed the report again and recalled the template from "Template Selection" dropdown. The labels and CAD model all went back to the original state and my changes to the template are not reflected. What am I missing here? Thanks.

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    After a report has been created in the bottom left there is a button called "reports" this is where you save a report template. You can search the help for "Save Report Icon" for more information.
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      Thank you, appreciate the help!


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