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  • Dataview Error

    Ok, I'm having a problem with my Dataview after switching over to a new computer. I originally copied the entire Datapage directory over from the old hard drive to the new hard drive. Everything worked (including the database) except for Dataview. When I open Dataview, I get a message saying, "The Authorization Code for this product is incorrect. Please enter the correct code."

    However, I do not have this problem with Datapage or the Editor. With Dataview, the error pops up and then closes the program.

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    You will need to contact Brown&Sharpe to assist you. It has something to do with the portlock codes and only they can help you. Hopefully you have an SMA, otherwise you may be S.O.L...
    Xcel 15-20-10 - PFXcel 7-6-5 - Merlin 11-11-7 - Romer Absolute 7525SI
    PCDMIS 2012
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      You should install the products on the new computer. Not all files are installed to the datapage directory.


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