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  • PC-Dmis crashes

    When I run a program using pc-dmis 2019 it crashes at the end of program and does not populate datapage 5.2 sp2, but when I run the same program with pc-dmis 2018 it does not crash and it populates datapage 5.2 sp2.

    I would appreciate any help on this subject.

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    are you running the exact same PRG between the two versions?

    are you also using an external command? How are you calling DP? That might have something to do with it.

    Try saving another copy of your PRG and then deleting or turning off the DP command at the end of your PRG. Just so you can try to pinpoint the issue.


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      I tried with same program, different programs, copy of programs, the same result. I attached how I am linking to datapage. Which works pc-dmis 2018 but not 2019
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        hmmm. Then i'm not sure. Maybe it has something to do with trying to connect to the DB in "Online" mode. Try checking the offline box?


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          More than likely just a corrupted user profile in PC-DMIS. You could try "reset user" in settings editor or search the forum on where to find the files and backup and delete. This restores PC-DMIS layout to default and it will have to be set back up to look the way you want it.

          Also, stats/end is not required for datapage+ stats transfers unless you're running the program in loops.
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            Was there a solution to this? I am experiencing the same thing. My setup is the same as above per the instructions available. PC-DMIS hesitates at the command and disappears. The Event Viewer in Windows references a 0xc0000374 error, which is some sort of heap error. That's all I have been able to find so far... I CAN do external xml dumps and read them into Datapage+, but would prefer to skip that step if it is possible.
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