Datapage+ 5.2 Error Window -- Urgent help needed

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  • Datapage+ 5.2 Error Window -- Urgent help needed

    Hello guys,
    We are having an issue when we go and try to make a "statistics" text report. First, we get an error code that Hexagon hasn't been able to provide clear instructions on why/how to fix it.
    Second, when the "halfways" report gets created, it doesn't actually display "Cp" or "Cpk" in the column headers, it just displays "Cp_sub/ind" "Cpk_sub/ind". We have been trying to get this fixed for over a month.
    I have submitted my case with Hexagon for that long with not much help :\

    I have tried uninstalling Datapage, reinstalling. Datapage application is running as "Administrator" right too.
    Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you all!!
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    Check that you have the correct version of the Microsoft .Net libraries (or repair your .Net installation). The error message seems to indicate a lot of library files missing...
    SW support - Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB


    • Peter Fuller
      Peter Fuller commented
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      This definitely sounds like a windows configuration issue. I would verify that .net 3.5 is installed an enabled.

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    IT mentioned that they installed .NET 6.0, which apparently is the newest. I'll double check again with IT.


    • AndersI
      AndersI commented
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      Do note that some softwares actually need the version mentioned in the ReadMe - I don't know if that applies to DataPage+, though.

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    How is Min/<ax displayed in Datapage when it is not even in program?


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