Datapage with PC DMIS and Quindos?

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  • Datapage with PC DMIS and Quindos?

    Does anybody out there actively use Datapage for PCD and Quindos? I have very little experience with Quindos in general & have never tried to use Datapage with it.

    My company uses both programming languages. I have been asked to come up with a way to cleanly save dimensional data from all of our parts on to the network so our QEs can pull their SPC data. I'd like to set up one central repository for my people to have access to. I am thinking of getting a network license of Datapage & having my programs send their info there.

    Any advise/wisdom would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    I still use the old DataPage RT (16 bit) with Pc-dmis v2009 on a XP computer. Very simple to use just insert the STATS/ON command in the program to dump data into the database.
    No experience with Datapage+ sorry.
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      I have datapage+5.0 but rarely use it and don't have training on it. We don't have any QEs so i was trying to automate report generation and email managements weekly but I couldn't get it working. I just use it to create a .csv, move it over to my google drive, and then use googlesheets to analyze the data. I find datapage very cumbersome.

      The software is on my offline laptop. IT made a database for me to dump all the xmls into. My network is so locked down that I have to use special credentials to log into a profile just to log into datapage. It was a nightmare getting the xml files to the database. I have to use windows authentication and datapage importer which takes the xmls from the local machine, and then sends them to the database on our network. All pcdmis does is create the xml after execution is complete into a folder on the machine. The data importer is generally used for sending third party files from other software's to datapage so Hex as a little freaked out on route I had to go.

      If you haven't had training, I would hurry up. Hex is pushing Q-Das as their new spc package and they are not training their new employees datapage anymore. So when those employee leave Hex, the knowledge goes with them.

      I recently started using file IO and assignments to directly write to .csv files located on the network. Its so much easier. The only downside is that I have to manually create a .csv for each part that I run. I still have the xmls going to datapage as backup in case the .csv file gets deleted or something. I'm trying to learn excel VB to automate report generation and such.

      There are some videos on youtube on setting up databases but I didn't anything on advanced techniques.
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