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    I answered my question. Ignore this post
    Last edited by glancy; 07-03-2018, 12:35 PM.

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    I am little confuse about your question. There are tow kind of reports. 1- PCDM report and 2- Datapage reports.

    1- In Pcdmis Slect "Print full reports (mark set)"----->File---->Printing---->Report Window Print Setup. in report Tab you can see or change location of reports.

    2- In program " Status/ON,Datapage+,,Offline=Yes" bring you mouse cursor over this line and hit "F9" and select offline.

    3- Also you can use most perfect Datapage Command which works all the time. "EXTERNALCOMMAND/NO_DISPLAY, NO_WAIT ; C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\WAI\DATAPAGE+ 5.0\DATAPAGESTATS.EXE" Location of Datapagestats.EXE file might be different in your computer. Past this command at the end of your program.


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      Maybe instead of removing the question entirely & stumping anyone that wants to know, you could post the answer and prevent a duplicate post from being created


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