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  • 1 Part has lost connection to my database

    So Ive had a part that I have been collecting data for over 6 months. Along comes an engineering change....I have to simply make a few programming edits, turn a threaded stud which projects onto surface into just a unthreaded nut. Edit the dimension a bit with the new feature name and boom......done. Pretty simple edit.

    Go to run the new version part and it will not send over the stats. So, I monkey with it for a bit........end up trying to change the program name to start a new "part". It still will not pickup on the new name or send anything over. Ive saved the program file to a new folder, renamed the program file......deleted stats commands, re-entered them......Ive tried it all.

    I cannot get this program to get recognized by Datapage anymore. Any ideas?

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    Look at the command that triggers the use of datapage. Is there any symbol/letter/number/anything present that isn't supposed to be there that cold be corrupting path?

    My file path looks like this on my programs-->
    EXTERNALCOMMAND/DISPLAY ; c:\Program Files (x86)\WAI\DataPage+ 2012\datapagestats.exe
    If there was something accidentally added like a "1" in front of the path it wouldn't work-->
      1EXTERNALCOMMAND/DISPLAY ; c:\Program Files (x86)\WAI\DataPage+ 2012\datapagestats.exe
    If this is the case all you need to do is correct the path and then click into that program line and hit "CTRL+U" on your keyboard and it will then script to datapage.


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      Did you try changing the part name in the part header?


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        + 1 This is all you have to do. I run several cavities of the same part. I simply change the number. example XXX_XXX_XXX_ C1, XXX_XXX_XXX_C2, etc.
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      another thing you could do is Pick the 2 lines in Data Editor and right click and merge the 2 lines. and choose which of the most recent name and it will merge them into one line.

      I DO NOT recommend this on drastic changes, but if its the same as before and the blueprint number is different. Then combine them.

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        I never explained that I changed the header in the first post. I have changed it a billion times.

        It will not even prompt me for a report save when the program is finished. Its like its missing some sort of trigger. I literally have to hit the report refersh button for the report to show, then hit the save button to save as PDF. I have not changed any of my printing settings.

        This has happened a couple times to me after some changes. Normally I can remove the stat command at the start of the program. Save. Close. Open, re add the stats command.......then it will start collecting data again.

        I use the method someone showed me here a few months ago due to connectivity issues. I add a stats command at the top, do not choose the database. Then add the update command at the end. All the database settings are correct in my datapage settings. This normally works great.

        I solved this problem once by erasing my stats command.....saving, closing, opening.....adding a stats command at top...WITH a database chosen......for it to connect. Then went back to old method.

        Even an external command is not working currently. I have a 30 pc study due monday and i am stumped.


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          I will say thisShankCrusher I had an old tired computer on my small machine. There was a three day period where it looked like it was recording Data, but it was not. Maybe your computer can't handle the task. I replaced the computer, and haven't had a problem since.
          (In Memory of my Loving wife, "Ronda" who I lost March 7, 2016. I love you baby.)
          They say "Nobody's Perfect." I must be Nobody.


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            This is a pretty new computer......16 gigs of ram......all my other programs transfer fine.

            This has now happened to a couple of other programs that I have done some editing in and they stopped transferring. Only think I can do is create a new program......then copy the old program into the new. Ive had to do this with two shorter programs. This one has 18 pages of graphical style report. I dread doing a copy/paste for this.

            Like I said, its like this program is fubar now. It wont even prompt me to save the report at the end. That option is still enabled in the print settings.