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    Good Morning:

    I've searched the forum but didn't find what I was looking for. Is there a way to automate generating reports in datapage? In know you can save queries with a specific date range. I can just update the date range for what i'm looking for. My problem is that the tolerances for the features are different. 0.001-0.015". From my experience, with using a saved query, it doesn't keep individual tolerances. So all features are 0.001 or 0.005 or 0.010 and so on.
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    I've never actually used it but my understanding is that the report delivery tool should should do what you want. I would look in the datapage help file to get more info on it.
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      The macro function may help, I'd look into that specifically. I haven't done anything with tolerances so I'm not sure but I've used it to set up charting at the end of a program run using queries to filter what we need.


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