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    Is there a way to get some of the data from PC-DMIS forms on to Data-Page reports like statistics, PPAP, & or spreadsheet forms. When I use the command feature, input, YES - using this I have like a cavity ID in some of my programs where it shows up on the PC-DMIS report but it is not in Data-Page. It would be nice to be able to do this if it can not be done.

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    Tracefields should be what you are looking for. You can even use tracefields to sort data in Datapage (well, not sure about the NEW version, but you could before the 'updated' it).
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


    • qcfire65
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      I use Tracefields for the order 1 thru 30 per say. So you are saying if I set up the Tracefield that I can actually input cavity as well, can you show how it would look?

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                Input Part Number:
                Input Part Name:
                Input Revision:
                Input Customer Name:
                Input Operator Name and Title:
                Input Cavity:
    Yes, the newer versions of DataPage do allow filtering by "tracefield".

    Also, for DP+ 5.2, you don't need to assign the comment inputs to variables, they are automatically seen as tracefields. For older versions of DP+ (not RT), you need to assign the comment inputs to a variable first.

    And then you need to edit the header of a report to show your tracefields.
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    • qcfire65
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      I use the comment / input and I also use tracefield/display for our numbering scheme. I don't have this will show up in DP, all we use in DP are the PPAP, Spreadsheet, & Statistics forms under the Text reports.
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    • VinniUSMC
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      Those all use the same template. You will need to modify the header of the report template, or create your own.

    • Peter Fuller
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      Vinni is correct, you will either need to create a custom header or you can also add a text box to your report but as long as your trace fields are in the part program then you should be able to pull them into your report.

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