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    I'm starting this tread in hopes that someone who writes the updates to the software will read.

    If anyone else would like to chime in and add to my list, by all means do so.

    1. Make the software capable of importing .iges files direct rather then having to "clean up" and convert to an .as3.

    2. Have the capability of having shaded surfaces along with wireframe graphics for better part interpretation.

    3. Allow for "pull down" windows to be resized to view more files in the database. This holds true for Datapage editor too.

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    hmmm - the software must be almost perfect just the way it is.


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      -Have a preview of the model & the ability to manipulate & rotate it the way you want to instead of having to guess as to what the software will do for you.

      -More options to show items out of spec.

      -The ability to control how many dimensions are on each page.

      -The ability to group charts how we want.

      -Solid model views & the ability to print them.

      -Edge points fixed so they will report the correct automotive deviation letter.

      -Datapage Editor needs all menus to be the same format, ability to deleat part transactions instead of the entire part, ability to take in IJK values so that Edge points will be reported with the correct automotive deviation letter, editing data values needs to be more streamlined.


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        -Ability to have automotive deviation letters shown for .S variables.


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          You can delete the transaction by selecting View/DataValues/DataValues. Select ALL variables and the transaction(s) you want to delete. Highlight/select those transactions. Then select Edit/Delete/Selected Transactions. They will be deleted from the database.


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            Originally posted by Jeff Hunt View Post
            Edge points fixed so they will report the correct automotive deviation letter.


            This function works for me but it didn't at one time... When I switched to using "Gap Only" mode for all edge points it seems to show the deviation letters in the proper directions. I wasn't aware of the .S dimensions... I was going to try using them on my next report.


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              I just started using gap only after I posted that...If you can get the S to show the letter, let me know.


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