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    Trying to transition from DP/rt to DP+ (unfortunately). In DP/rt a variable description can be entered and it appears on all of the charts as kind of a header. This is very handy when dealing with lots of charts...a person can at a glance read the text and know what the feature in chart is. I've entered the the variable description in DP+ but it doesn't appear on any of the chart types. Am I missing something?


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    this has been an issue since Datapage + was Released. You can enter the Variable Description and it will show only in the Variable Report.
    2014 SP5, DataPage + v5.0 #331
    [testing v2015.1]


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      We use a lot of Multichart Histograms and Target Plots in DPRT, many times there will be a 100 or so charts....without text in DataPage + how does anyone know what their looking at without a using the Variable Report as a cross ref cheat sheet? Years ago Unix Datapage RT didn't have variable text in a target plot and a phone call to tech support a fella (CB) had this added within short order. It just seems this software is not being maintained at all and can't even get something as simple as text in a chart accomplished. Just frustrated that a once very efficient program has become such a pain to do simple things.


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