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  • importing

    Is there a way to import data from excel into datapage? I thought I heard something once about being able to export and import data but now I can't find anything in the datapage help file.
    Sean Steele

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    It is performed via the Editor. Database/Update. Measure Format would be SpreadSheet. A specific format is required. I will upload an example file. The name extention should be "txt". In the example file there are headings. Anything after MEASURED is considered a TRACE entry. Hope this helps.

    One thing to remember is the Editor is a 16bit application. This means it cannot display long filenames or directories (it will use the ~ indicator). Think the golden, olden days of DOS (8.3 file name format).
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      The data is going to a part name DEMO. You may already have this information in your database if you have not created a new one. You can edit the txt file and change the name to something else and import the data again. This time to a new part name. You can then either look at the data via the editor View/DataValues (I think) or via DataPage. Report/DataReport and select the part to display.


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