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  • Data Transfer using file writeling

    Hey guys,
    I have two questions?
    1) I am tryin to send the data to Datapage using File writeline , can i do that !
    2) I am trying to use Variables in Tracefield so that Data sent to DataPage contains Different Machine Numbers along with Pallets #.
    PCDMISW ver 3.7 MR2, , Sheffield D12.

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    I think you have to use the stats command. Tracefields will go over tagged to that data. The write line command is for writting to file not database.

    I could be wrong though, there may be another way to get the data there but the stats command was designed for it and it is probably not worth the trouble reinventing a way of doing it.

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      Well thats the answer # 1,

      but for the second one i tried different options with Stats Command, but i couldn't find anything where i can put those Variables, These variables(m/c #, Pall #) are embedded on the Part, CMM checks, and Print the results with machine # and Pallet #; Operator Just place the part on the CMM fixture and Press Enter only. There are 24 CNCs and Two CMMs.


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        You need to assign a trace field. It is a variable that can contain the info you are talking about. It works well and will tag each execution routine that goes to datapage. Once there you can query Datapage based on tracfield criteria. I think that is what you are looking for.

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          The trace commands must come after the stats command.


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            Thnx for your Prompt responce craig,


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