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  • Report parameter info.

    I am using datapage to collect my data which works great. I am still trying to get the datapage report paramter data to reflect the dimension info that I need and not the PCDmis nomenclature. Instead of "DIST2.M" I would like to see "3.75 +/- 0.25" or "Diameter of hole 2".
    Currently I am manually changing the names of the column headers in excel after importing the data.

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    It will ONLY ever use the FEATURE ID or the DIMENSION ID. Also, for both, you need to avoid ANY spaces or "OPERANDS" (math functions). Myself, since I am an ancient old fart and have been using this stuff since the dos days, I stick to DOS naming conventions, ALPHABET and NUMBERS ONLY, no 'special characters'.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      Matt is quite right. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? BTW you could use feature name it might help a little (only a little) but in my opinion it will probably make your queries more dificult than if it goes over as the dimension name. I don't think using feature name is worth while. And like Matt said don't take up renaming stuff in PCDMIS like "3.125 ±0.005", you'll wish you never had.

      You may have to export your reports and fancy them up manually.

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        I've always just used default and cross-ref with CMM printout then go to option in Dtapage and change chart header that's if your charting to print output otherwise Matthew and Craiger's right.


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          Using the Editor, you can edit the variable and enter a description for each variable. ie "Diameter of 2" Datum Circle." It is time consuming since PCDMIS does not allow you to have this in your part program. However, once it is in the database, it will not be deleted unless you delete it. This description will be displayed on the printed chart.


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            Datapage editor

            SABarber's correct: a little time consuming.
            Dimensions are in alpha numeric order, while writing program I add leading zeros to all dimensions.
            in editor loc1 is followed by loc10, loc11, loc19 is followed by loc2, loc20
            when I write my programs
            loc001, Loc002, loc010

            in data page editor View > Variables > Spread Sheet Editor.
            after that I do a Variable Set > file name > New > INSPECTION .
            then move only the items You need to report in the order needed.

            great for following ballooned prints.

            If you have mutilple copies of the same program dimension layout.
            Do a SAVE AS to the other Programs.

            When you do reports change variable set from MEAS to Inspection.
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              While the default order is alpha-numeric, you can "force" a display order by creating a Variable Set. This allows you to present the data in groups or arrangements of your choosing.
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