Problem installing Notification Center (Mosquitto)

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  • Problem installing Notification Center (Mosquitto)

    Hello everyone

    I have a problem installing the Notification Center through the Hexagon Universal Updater.
    The Updater downloads the Installer and starts installing only to give me the following error.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Notification Center.png
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    I tried to restart the PC and try again, but every time the same error.

    Anyone got the same mistake? or know how to fix this?

    Thanks ins advance

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    Did you run PC-DMIS as administrator?


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      PC-DMIS 2019 R1 was installed as an admin.
      With this installation the Hexagon Universal Updater got installed too.
      The Updater gets started automatically on every startup, i dont know if the autostart is with admin rights.
      I dont think this will change though as the Updater downloads the installer and automatically starts the installation process. Tomorrow I will try anyway to manually start the Updater in admin mode.
      I don't know where the Updater saves the installation file of the notification center as it starts the process automatically. I guess it must be in some temporary folder.


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        That dialog contains links to two log files that describe in [overwhelming] detail what the installation program has done, and what happened. Collect these log files and contact your local Hexagon support and let them figure out what the problem is. Or, if you are adventurous, open them and read for yourself (it's not very inspiring reading) and try to get something understandable out of them (probably one or two pages from the end of the log files).
        SW support - Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB


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