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Thread: Minimum wall thickness

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    Default Minimum wall thickness

    Hi, I am trying to measure the minimum wall thickness for a small tube. The tube has three inner holes (kind of like ) and I need to find the minimum wall thickness for each of these holes to the outer OD wall of the tube. What is the best way to do this?


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    1) Tube micrometers, can seam micrometers.

    2)Measure OD. Measure ID. Find difference between OD and ID. Divide by two. Repeat for each.

    The second method will only give you an average and won't help you find variation in thickness.

    EDIT: I didn't realize this was in the Vision section.
    There may well be a way of doing this, but I don't have a PC- DMIS Vision system.
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    You can create lines from the OD center through each of the ID:s, then create intersect points on the ID and the OD, and check the distance between the points.
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