PC-DMIS CAD 2014 - Vision Edge tracing/scanning

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  • PC-DMIS CAD 2014 - Vision Edge tracing/scanning

    Dear everybody,

    Is it possible to scan/trace edge in pc-dmis vision? I cant find any options... All the scan options are greyed out (anybody knows why)...

    Thank you for your input,

    Rok Barbo

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    Not sure if it's in 2014 (i have 2014.1) but instead of insert | scan (in Vision mine are grayed out too) try.......
    insert | feature | auto | profile 2D
    If you dig around in the Vision section of the Help file you'll find 2D profile edge tracer. Maybe this is what you're looking for?


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      Are you looking for something similar to OGP Measure Max trace? If so, no, there isn't that option.


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        Dear all,

        I would liike to reverse engineer a part...

        Profile option looks promising!