standardized work instructions for writing cmm programs.

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    Originally posted by dwade View Post
    We have gone with a controlled master program location, the ops download the programs then run them in operator mode, if something happens to the program, (a DEMON crash or someone playing where they shouldn't be playing) and the program is fubarred, they just download the master again and rock-n-roll again. Only three people in our facility have access to the master programs.
    If I worked in a shop that had multiple cmm operators I would have my most experinced on the machine and software writing the programs and have the operators running them. A good programmer should be able to program using the flow controls, labels and comments for any of the operations that the programmer would want to happen behind the scenes. and be easy yes/no or input comments for the operators. luckly for me its just me in here programming and secondly after 5 years Im just familarizing myself with using flow controls and as I'd like to say level 3 programming.


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      Originally posted by sealevel View Post
      sounds like a recipe for disaster.

      an infinitely more sane approach. Everyone can't be armed with the Colonel's 11 secret herbs and spices. It would ruin the chicken, and the finger pointing at who was responsible for over-seasoning would be a circus unto itself.
      I agree that having everyone's hand able to do anything is dangerous. I've seen lots of people that have jobs and I do not understand how they got into the positions they are in. How can you be an inspector and not understand GD&T or that if a tool cuts the entire surface then there's probably no real need to put so many points on that surface unless the form is very important. There is no talking them out of it though, so I pretty much just stay away from them and it as much as possible.

      Notice my face has no ears or mouth, representing that I do not want to hear thier distorted logic and everything I say is not listened to anyway so why speak.
      Mulitple suggestions, one decision maker. Sorry guys, I should be the one. We'd be so much farther ahead now if it were so.